Ask the Expert- Tell Me about the Bone Marrow Registry

April 10, 2012 - The first step is easy—signing up. It’s free, confidential and a one-time process. It only takes between five and seven minutes to register by giving a mouth swab and consent/information, and there is no cost to the donor.


Does it hurt?

Not to register!

There are over 10,000 patients needing matches every day. If your Chromosome 6 is similar to one of those 10,000 patients, then you would be contacted with information and choices, asked to give a more definitive blood sample and later be notified if you are the BEST match. At that point, an advocate would explain and facilitate the next steps. Then, at the Texas Medical Complex in Houston, you would donate white cells; actual marrow platelets from your blood. Eighty-five percent of donors donate Blood Stem Cells, a process similar to Apheresis. Only 15% donate actual marrow from the hip bone while asleep. Following that procedure, you might feel some pain.

Six million caring, informed Americans are on the registry list. But many groups are underrepresented. Odds are against them. LifeShare is proud to be offering this opportunity to our communities.

Do you know or love someone with bone cancer, leukemia, sickle cell anemia? You could save a member of your family or community. Contact Brian Allison or visit for information. Receptionists and Special Services Techs in each center have applications as well.