Blood Recipient Turned Donor Hero

On December 3, 2000 a dramatic event changed my life forever. Three friends and I were preparing to head home from a morning duck hunt on Millwood Lake just miles north of Ashdown, Arkansas, when a loaded 12 gauge shotgun accidentally discharged directly into the back of my left leg several inches above my knee severing my femur bone, and artery.

Glen Scarborough and his wife Kelly preparing to give blood at MASH BASH 2015.

Chaos and panic quickly set in as my friends administered first aid followed by a fast boat ride back to the landing. Minutes later EMT’s arrived to find me almost lifeless having major difficulty breathing, and lost more than half my blood. Air Life was dispatched to carry me the final leg of my journey to an awaiting level two trauma center in Texarkana. Upon arrival my trauma team evaluated me to be in complete cardiac arrest, eyes fixed, and dilated having been without oxygen for an estimated six minutes with all majors shut down, and totally empty of blood. Quickly a thoracotomy was performed while blood and blood components were being transfused into my body. After 12 hours of crucial lifesaving surgery, and 48 units of whole blood I was transferred to ICU and given a minor if any chance to survive. 

After three weeks in a medically induced coma I awoke to find our community panic struck after a devastating ice storm had left the entire town without power or water. My recovery thereafter was almost as fast as my accident only needing three more weeks in the hospital. On January 10, 2001 having used a grand total of 83 units of whole blood I was released, and went home to eagerly restart life with my two daughters ages 4, and 1.

Many miracles of God allowed me to survive my accident that day, but none were more important than the people who had given blood in the weeks prior. I truly was given the gift of life from those blood donors, and will never forget them. Today I am back doing the same job going on 27 years. I’m living in what I call “life in overtime” since I had an estimated 1 in 10 million chance to survive. Please never underestimate how powerful your blood donation may be to others just like me, because the next accident may happen to a friend or relative near you.

God bless and thank you!