In Honor and Memory of Marvin H. Easley

The unexpected news of Marvin Easley’s passing brings with it a combination of sorrowful thoughts and grateful memories at LifeShare Blood Centers. An accomplished professional, Mr. Easley shared his talents with LifeShare Blood Centers through countless hours of volunteer service.

Marvin Easley (Dec. 13, 1948 - Feb. 9, 2013). Pictured is Marvin with Margaret Wallace, CEO, LifeShare Blood Centers.

Serving as a member of the Board of Trustees since 1979, the year the Alexandria center was opened; Mr. Easley devoted countless hours to projects that contributed to the organization’s growth into 79 parishes and counties throughout a three-state area.

At LifeShare Blood Centers, we maintain a great respect and appreciation for his contributions and participation in many endeavors, including: a merger, numerous center openings, building projects, and his willingness to assist, whenever called upon, in various projects throughout these decades.

We honor Marvin H. Easley and the service to his community and many others through his role as:

  • LifeShare Blood Centers, Board of Trustees Member and Finance Committee Chair, since 1979
  • LifeShare Blood Centers, Board of Trustees Chairman
  • LifeShare Blood Centers, Board of Trustees Audit Committee Chair
  • LifeShare Blood Centers, Civic Advisory Council Member
  • Blood Center Properties, Chairman and Board Member
  • LifeShare Blood Centers Foundation, Board Member

Our deepest appreciation for the contributions Marvin H. Easley gave to LifeShare Blood Centers.