A Gift that Truly Matters

It’s sometimes easy for us to get lost in the true meaning of the holiday season. We spend so much time worrying about what we should get those around us; we forget that others are worrying about the health of their loved ones and what we can do for them this time of year.

One gift we can be grateful for in this country is the safe and available blood supply provided by volunteer blood donors.

When you remember this blessing of resources to have a safe and adequate blood supply, do not forget that you are an integral part of it. Participation from each member in the community is key to maintaining this resource, not only for those who need it now, but for us to have available in times of crisis.

Here at LifeShare Blood Centers, we give thanks for the selfless blood donors who give not for material rewards, but out of a sense of responsibility for others in their community. We hope that in this busy holiday season others will give thanks for this simple gift of life and remember their part and responsibility in having this blessing. The need for blood donations is always present, and thanks to donors we can be thankful this gift is available to us when we need it.