The Cancer Slayer

Dear Potential Donor,
Me today, could be you tomorrow ...

Jasmine Sewell

Here I am, sitting home writing this on a day that I was scheduled to work, because my blood oxygen is dropping. My heart aches and continues to cry out for your help. I started this journey 14 long years ago and never in a million years did I think it would get to this point...stage 4 bone cancer, residual bone marrow damage and awaiting a bone marrow transplant depending on me finding a match.

I am 30 years old with three beautiful children.  I am engaged to be married in 35 days and I have slim chance of survival after that. Many people say they are praying for my healing. I do believe healing comes from God, but I also know that faith without works is dead.  People are praying for my healing and saying they want to help in any way they can, but aren’t willing to swab their cheek to save my life.

I ask myself why does it hurt so bad that no one is getting tested? Don't they know my kids need me? Don't they know that I would give anything to be able to go outside and play with my children or go to the park, to zoo, plan a Disney world trip, even to just be able to pick them up from school? Don't they know that my life matters? Or have they forgotten that I was once them? Or how easily it could have been them? I'm battling this deadly disease, but I’m still like you. I still go to work when I can, oxygen tank and IV attached to me, just to be “normal” and help provide for my family.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to get lost in our own world and not know that someone out there needs our help. I once had everything and in a matter of time it was gone...all father who also passed away from cancer.

I am very strong in my faith, but some days are harder than others to stay positive while fighting this disease. If you needed this exact thing from me, I would take as many tests possible to save your life. I would help you recruit people because I value your life and your kids. I sit here begging you to do the same for me! Please help me, please get registered with Be The Match, if not for me, for my children, they need me the most.

Jasmine Sewell, “Cancer Slayer”

Register online to support patients like Jasmine at Also, consider sharing her story and her link on your social media pages to help find Jasmine’s CURE!