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Approximately 10,000 patients with leukemia, blood disorders, autoimmune disorders, and other cancers and metabolic disorders are waiting for a stem cell match.  Could you Be The Match®?

Bone marrow or stem cell transplants occur when a donor is found who is an HLA match for the patient.  HLA means human leukocyte antigen, which is what our immune system uses to identify which cells belong in our bodies and which do not.  HLA types are inherited, so a patient’s best chance of finding a match is a sister or brother. However, 70% of patients must look for a match outside of his/her family.

LifeShare Blood Centers is an affiliate of the National Marrow Donor Program, which operates the Be The Match® Registry, the national registry of people who have volunteered to be bone marrow stem cell donors if called upon.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 44, patients need you! Registry data show that transplant doctors request donors in your age range more than 90% of the time. Join Be The Match® today!

Contact Brian Allison to arrange a Bone Marrow Drive or to sign up for the Be The Match® Registry.

If you are between the ages of 45 and 60 and want to join the registry, it is mandatory that you sign up online at and use promo code lifeshare. Please note that there is a fee for those in your age group to join the registry. Be The Match will send a swab kit to your house, simply swab your cheek and mail it back!

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Meet Linell Kemp

Linell is a native of Northwest Louisiana with many of his kin nearby. He was diagnosed in 2010 with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Every day, he prays to get better and through Be The Match® he is looking for a stem cell donor match. Linell was an avid blood donor since high school and spends much of his time encouraging others to sign up on the registry. "Even if they aren't a match for me, maybe they will be a match for someone else in my position," Linell says of his efforts to add registry members.

Linell is now working again at Calument, he is active in his church and chorus group, and also enjoys spending time with his wife and five grandchildren.


Meet Sir Terrence Mack

Diagnosed a little more than two years ago with Natural Killer T-cell Lymphoma, Sir Terrence, who was an avid basketball player that loved to be outdoors now has to spend most of his time inside and has little energy to play outside. "He wants to go back to school and do things with his brothers. He just wants to have a normal life again," says Waddell Hayes.

Sir Terrence has undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Unfortunately, he has not found a donor match, but communities around the region support marrow registry drives in hopes of improving his chance. 


Quick Facts:

  • Every 4 minutes someone in the US is diagnosed with a bone cancer, like leukemia.
  • More than 10,000 patients are dianosed annually with a type of bone cancer.
  • About 70% of patients in need of a transplant DO NOT have a matching donor in their family.
  • Your chance of being the match for someone is 1 in 540.

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