You’re a blood donor – changing lives with every Gift of Life! Or, perhaps you are thinking about becoming a blood donor and you want to know if giving blood really does make a difference. It does! Both donors and recipients can tell you how important giving blood is. Just listen to their stories!

Recipient Stories

dyowell lifesharebloodcentersDylan and his mother Jackie

JoshuaShreveportgallery2009 536Joshua enjoying bowling

RobertRobert with his first grandson

Jamaya JJamaya recieved countless platelets and blood transfusions for her disease

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Donor Stories

shelleybrummettangelafranklincaitlyngreemonShelley, Angela, and Caitlyn

Kiera SmithKiera's "life-saving blood drop"

mikey oldsMikey getting tested to be a possible bone marrow match!

Don BryantDon Bryant- 1st 100 Gallon Donor

mother and daughterMickaela giving with her mother




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Together, we are changing the world one life at a time. Read how giving blood has affected both recipients and donors in the community.

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