Donor Stories

Donor Shares Experience Giving In-Center

After making a blood donation at our Shreveport donation center, one lifesaving blood donor reached out to us to share his experience: "Today I came into your headquarters to donate (for which I was well passed due). I was eagerly greeted at the front with casual but more than mundane conversation. Which is uncommon that late in the day, likely due to the human populace becoming more irritable as the day progresses haha. I did not catch the woman's name but she set the tone for my personal best donation session.

We discussed my family as she ushered me to Miss Doris, whom was waiting with open arms and a tiny needle! Through the process of seemingly endless questions and medical stuff Miss Doris and I spoke of life, love and music! We spoke of in depth subjects that filled my heart with joy, and being able to connect with a total stranger of a different back ground showed me there is still good here. There are still caring, loving and compassionate people out there. I cannot express enough how much my visit means to me as a human, not to be divided by race color or religion as we see too often. Miss Doris is fantastic and a true lover of gospel blues for which I am now inspired to look up !!!!"