Medical research indicates many African Americans have rare or special blood traits that are found only in that population. That is why in some instances African American patients need blood from other African Americans.

  • African American patients with diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia are less likely to produce antibodies to blood donated from other African Americans.
  • There are routine shortages of O and B blood types. These blood types are more frequently found in African Americans than other populations.
  • Because there are some rare blood traits are unique to African Americans, it is hard to find compatible blood types for some patients. Often the patient’s best match is a transfusion which comes from another African-American donor.

With the help and guidance of an all-volunteer African-American group, LifeShare created the For Us, About Us© program to increase awareness among African Americans about the need for more African American blood donors. The program is targeted to African Americans of all ages who have an interest in helping other African Americans who need blood transfusions.

Contact your local LifeShare representative to learn more about how you and your organization can participate in the award-winning For Us, About Us© blood donation program.


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