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Type O Blood Supply Reaches Critical Level 

SHREVEPORT, LA – February, 28, 2019, The Type O blood supply has reached a critically low level, it is currently at less than a one-day supply. A safe inventory level is a three-day supply of each blood type. The community needs a commitment from Type O donors for regular and frequent donations to help maintain a sufficient community blood supply.  One in 15 people have O negative blood and only one in 3 has O positive. O positive is the most common blood type. All blood types are needed, but the current need for O is URGENT. 
Type O donors have a particularly unique opportunity to help. O positive red blood cells can be transfused to any positive blood types, making it one of the most in-demand blood types. In emergencies Type O negative red blood cells can be given to anyone, deeming persons with Type O negative blood as “Universal Donors”. In the event of an emergency, trauma patients and accident victims are given a fighting chance at life due to O Negative blood transfusion. O Negative blood is typically the most sought after blood type to save the lives of accident and trauma victims when the blood type is unknown and the need for blood is immediate. O Negative red blood cells are typically used for newborn infants with under-developed immune systems and sickle cell anemia patients. 
 “The urgent need for Type O Blood is a serious community concern. Blood cannot be manufactured and it does expire,” stated Suzanne Upchurch-Smith, Director of Marketing.  
“Blood donations must be given in advance of the need because it is tested to determine suitability for patient transfusion and that process can take 24 hours or longer. This testing period is too long in emergencies when people need blood immediately and the blood supply must be continually replenished to meet the constant need.”
Existing donors and prospective donors are urged to walk-in to any of our blood centers or mobile drives near them to donate. No appointment is necessary.