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August 10, 2018 – The local blood supply has reached a critically low level with only enough to last 1.6 days. Anyone able to donate is encouraged to go to a blood donation center or drive. Anyone who has considered giving is encouraged to go to a blood donation center or drive and be screened. It only takes about 15 minutes to find out if you are eligible to give. Multiple trauma patients have strained the O- blood supply. O- blood type is the universal red blood cell that can be transfused into any patient, regardless of blood type. O- red cells must be use for trauma situations and other emergencies. However, all blood types are needed.

Donated blood is often a part of life-saving medical treatment for accident victims, patients with blood disorders, those undergoing cancer treatments, experiencing complications during childbirth, and many more situations.

Blood must be given in advance of the need. It is tested to determine suitability for patient transfusion and that process can take 24 or more hours. This testing period is too long in emergencies when people need blood now. Therefore, the blood supply must be continually replenished to meet the constant need.

“There are no guarantees of a trauma or accident free day. No one knows what will happen on his or her way home.  Medical emergencies and accidents happen far too often and many of us expect the blood to be there for our loved ones or us. A low blood supply is a serious community concern. Blood cannot be manufactured – we rely on someone choosing to donate. Blood donors are the only source.  Enough people must be willing to donate to ensure an adequate blood supply or the outcome can be devastating,” says Suzanne Upchurch, Director Marketing, LifeShare Blood Center.

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LifeShare Blood Center regularly supplies blood components to approximately 100 medical facilities throughout Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas.  Founded in Shreveport, La. In 1942, it is a nonprofit community service provider governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.  LifeShare is a member of America’s Blood Centers and the American Rare Donor Program, is licensed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and accredited by AABB.