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LifeShare Blood Centers Honors First 100-Gallon Donor

Don Bryant of Shreveport, La. was honored today with a proclamation from the City of Shreveport Mayor’s Office and LifeShare Blood Centers. Bryant has become LifeShare’s first 100-gallon donor. In recognition of this achievement, the City of Shreveport Mayor’s Office has named March 29, 2012 “Don Bryant Day.”

A lifelong mission for Bryant, he began donating at 17-years-old alongside his stepfather. Aside from his time in the service when he could not give, he has continued ever since. In addition to donating, Bryant spends a significant amount of this time volunteering at blood drives and encouraging others to give.

When asked what he would tell others who are considering giving blood, Bryant says, “Well, the biggest thing is just to save lives. It’s going to always be a need and there’s always a shortage. Anybody who lives in this culture can see what one gunshot wound can take or one car accident, there’s never enough of it.”

Ron Hein, Executive Director of the Northern Region of LifeShare Blood Centers says, “In the blood banking industry, we know that one donation can save up to three lives. With more than 800 donations, Mr. Bryant potentially has saved the lives of 2,400 people. This is a phenomenal accomplishment that we are proud to share in with him.” LifeShare Blood Centers is in its 70th year of operation and collects from more than 100,000 donors a year. Bryant is the first to achieve this milestone and joins a very small percentage of people across the country.

LifeShare Blood Centers regularly supplies blood components to 117 medical facilities throughout Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas. Founded in Shreveport, La. in 1942, it is a nonprofit community service provider governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. LifeShare is a member of America’s Blood Centers and the American Rare Donor Program, is licensed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and accredited by AABB.