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LifeShare Reveals New Minibus in Beaumont

LifeShare Reveals New Beaumont Bloodmobile Minibus Concept

Beaumont, TX - On February 27, 2019 at 10 a.m., LifeShare Blood Center will reveal its new custom built 3-bed Beaumont Bloodmobile (minibus) concept sponsored by, the Rebuild Texas Fund, T.L.L. Temple Foundation, H.E. and Kate Dishman Charitable Foundation Trust, and the Foundation for Southeast Texas. The reveal will take place inside the LifeShare Blood Center located at 4305 Laurel St. Beaumont, TX 77707.

The custom built bloodmobile will be used for blood collection during normal day to day operations, natural disasters and emergency situations. This bloodmobile will provide faster reinstatement of services when disaster strikes, improving donor access during emergencies. As a minibus is easier to navigate storm-damaged and flooded roadways and is more economical compared to larger five-bed donor buses, which require CDL Drivers.

Over 75 percent of the community’s’ blood supply is collected on mobile drives, making donor buses imperative. LifeShare is the only supplier of blood products and services to medical facilities in southeast Texas Counties. “We are grateful to all of our funding organizations and their contributions,” said LifeShares Daphne Young, Director of Fund Development. “This upcoming resource enables the region to sustain the number of blood units collected and relieve blood shortages.”
LifeShare serves 567,221 residents in seven southeast Texas counties, delivers blood products and services to 11 medical facilities where patients receive transfusions. LifeShare provides blood for patients of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities. Over 27,000 blood components are collected for patients in southeast Texas.

About LifeShare Blood Center
LifeShare Blood Center regularly supplies blood components to approximately 100 medical facilities throughout Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas. Founded in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1942, it is a nonprofit community service provider governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. LifeShare is a member of America’s Blood Centers and the American Rare Donor Program, is licensed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and accredited by AABB.