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Plant Explosion Near Baton Rouge Imposes Increased Need for Blood Donations

By moving blood components from other LifeShare locations, the Baton Rouge LifeShare center now has temporarily replenished the supply available to the hospitals. We are continuing to carefully monitor the supply and work with Baton Rouge General’s blood bank to fulfill their ongoing needs. The LifeShare supply is currently low in O negative and O positive blood, but otherwise stable at the moment. We do expect hospitals to request more blood today. In the coming days, patients will continue to use blood components; this expectation includes significant usage by at least three burn victims of the plant explosion near Geismar.

In the Baton Rouge area specifically, increased blood donations have occurred in the last 24 hours. We are asking donors in all of our areas to continue to donate on a regular basis to ensure an adequate supply. It takes at least 24 hours to test and process blood before it may be made available to the patient. It is important that the supply is replenished throughout the area, and donations continue in order to replace what is used on a daily basis. During times of medical emergency, blood that was donated beforehand is the blood that saves those lives.

June 13, 2013, 1:30p.m.- Several victims from the plant explosion near Baton Rouge are currently using blood. LifeShare is the blood supplier to Baton Rouge General, which is now treating eight victims, five confirmed with burn wounds.

At this time, LifeShare Blood Centers has provided all O negative red blood cells and platelets available in the LifeShare Baton Rouge center. Area hospitals have requested more blood, as treatment for these victims continues and the extent is still unknown. LifeShare is currently transporting blood components from Alexandria, La. and Shreveport, La. to support the medical needs, as a result of this explosion. Additionally, several other patients are using large amounts of A positive plasma, and O negative and O positive red blood cells.

Due to the increased demand for blood, LifeShare is asking for more donors to refill the supply being used. Once donated, it will take at least 24 hours before the blood is available for patient use. It is also important to have blood available in the coming days and weeks; therefore, LifeShare is also scheduling donation appointments. For a list of centers and mobile drives, go to