Type O Negative Blood Supply Critically Low

Sept. 3, 2013 – LifeShare Blood Centers reports the local O negative blood supply is critically low and requests that all eligible type O negative donors give blood as soon as possible.

“Often we struggle to find donors during the summer months and the holiday weekend has worsened the situation. The O negative demand is higher than donations and we now have less than a one-and-a-half-day supply,” said LifeShare spokesperson Tina Hooper.

It takes at least 24 hours after someone gives blood before it is available for use. There is no manufactured substitute for human blood, it must come from blood donors.

For center hours, to locate a convenient mobile blood drive, or to make a donation appointment, go to www.lifeshare.org or call the LifeShare location nearest you:

                       Alexandria                    (318) 445-7439 or toll-free (800) 256-7439

Baton Rouge                 (225) 383-7728 or toll-free (866) 543-3296

                       Beaumont                     (409) 838-5289 or toll-free (800) 256-5289    

Bossier City                   (318) 742-4636 or toll-free (877) 256-4115

El Dorado                      (870) 862-2150

Lake Charles                  (337) 436-4932 or toll-free (800) 256-4932

                       Monroe                          (318) 322-4445 or toll-free (800) 256-4445

                       Ruston                           (318) 254-1167

                       Shreveport                     (318) 673-1471 or toll-free (800) 256-4483

                       Texarkana                      (903) 794-3173 or toll-free (800) 264-5456

Individuals receive a mini-physical prior to the donation procedure, including a check of temperature, pulse, blood pressure and iron level. Potential donors must be age 16 or older, meet height and weight requirements feel well and healthy at the time of donation, eat a good meal and increase fluid intake prior to donation. 16-year-olds must present written parent or guardian permission to donate. Donors will be asked to present identification. For more information and to schedule a blood donation or blood drive, please call your nearest LifeShare Blood Centers location.


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