Recipient Stories

Lauren Edwards

Hey y’all, my name is Lauren Edwards! About one year ago I was involved in a car accident that led to many injuries, three months in the hospital and many physical and occupational therapy appointments that lasted several months after being discharged from the hospital. Some of the injuries that I received because of my accident were a traumatic brain injury, skull fracture, broken nose, broken femur, a broken jaw (in 3 places), and I lost all vision in my left eye due to nerve damage. 

When the firemen and paramedics extricated me from my car, I was immediately air lifted to LSU Med Center in Shreveport.

While in the hospital I was given countless blood transfusions, that helped save my life. Without those blood transfusions, it would have been impossible for me to survive. Before my accident I always wanted to donate but I never really had the opportunity to. When I saw the LifeShare bus on the Northwestern State University campus I didn’t even think twice about donating. I wanted to be one of the people who helped contribute to saving someone else’s life, just like the many people that donated and helped save my life! So, I encourage you to go donate today!