Recipient Stories

Steven's Story

My name is Steven Calhoun. I’m a 26-year-old NOBTS graduate going for my Masters Degree. I live with my parents and my little brother, Aaron. My story started when I was 4 and diagnosed with seizure disorder. As I have gotten older my seizures have worsened. I had brain surgery in 2012 and was seizure free for 9 months. Then my seizures came back with a vengeance. 

I now need a Neuro Pace (pace maker for the brain). In order to do that I had to have another brain surgery in April to map my brain. During that surgery it was discovered that the medicine I had been on for 22 years destroyed my platelets. Because of LifeShare, I was given lifesaving platelet transfusions during my surgery. I will have my final surgery to implant the Neuro Pace in July. I will need several transfusions before and during surgery.  According to Philippians 4:19, I’m trusting God to supply all of my needs. God called me to serve and I believe he is not through with me yet. You can read my whole story at, site: stevencalhoun.