Placental derived Mesenchymal Stem/ Stromal Cells (MSC)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) also known as mesenchymal stromal cells or medicinal signaling cells are multipotent stromal cells.

Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC)

HUVEC are isolated from placentas collected after full-term, uncomplicated birth, from volunteer donors. The isolated cells are stored in vapor-state LN2 and available for further research applications.

Amnion is excised from placental organ, washed, and stored frozen for further research applications. Amnion is not cut into small sheets, but available as a full membrane from consented donors.


How are these products sourced?

All cellular products are sourced from volunteer donors who are qualified through an independent institutional review board (IRB) or through administration and completion of a Donor Risk Assessment Interview (DRAI).

How are these products isolated?

Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells (MSC) are isolated, digested, washed, and expanded through validated standard operating procedures. Passages and doubling may be performed manually in successive flasks or through the use of a Quantum bioreactor.

How are the products stored?

MSC and HUVEC are vialed and stored in vapor state LN2.

Amnion is excised and frozen in -20C freezer.

How can the MSC and HUVEC be used?

Cells are vialed in 1×10^6 or 5×10^6 aliquots and can be used for further research applications. Cells should not be used in clinical applications at this time.

What characteristics do the MSC possess?

MSC are CD34 Negative, CD44 Positive, CD73 Positive, CD90 Positive, and HLA-DR Negative. Additionally, they are tested and found to be negative for mycoplasma and endotoxin.

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