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Each day approximately 550 units of blood components are needed to sustain a minimum supply for our region’s healthcare providers. Educating residents about the continuous need for blood, recruiting new donors, and retaining registered donors is LifeShare’s first obligation to maintain an adequate community blood supply.

Your contribution to this program helps LifeShare develop and sustain public education and awareness programs, donor recruitment and membership efforts, or the purchase of new equipment needed for the blood collection process.

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As stewards of the community blood supply, it is important that LifeShare maintain the facilities and equipment needed to provide the blood products and services needed across LifeShare’s service territory. LifeShare strives to improve or expand donation centers and replace equipment that creates an efficient and pleasant donor experience. Equipment needs include automated blood collection machines, product management refrigerators and freezers, mobile donor coaches, and delivery vehicles.

Your contributions to this program support capital improvements and equipment acquisitions that help ensure safe and quality blood units are readily available.

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The world’s third-largest collection of unique blood cells is maintained in LifeShare’s Immunohematology Reference Lab. LifeShare Blood Centers is internationally recognized and called upon by blood banking and healthcare facilities worldwide in solving complex blood type and compatibility issues for patients with hard-to-match transfusion needs. Thousands of rare and special traits blood types are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks to preserve the invaluable, irreplaceable collection of lifesaving, reference cells. LifeShare’s specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and testing techniques to ensure the support services are only a call away. LifeShare’s Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) is one of 58 in the nation and the largest in Louisiana regularly serving both states of Arkansas and Mississippi.

Your contribution to this program helps LifeShare sustain and build its capacity for solving patients’ complex blood compatibility issues and serve as a consulting laboratory for numerous medical facilities around the country.

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LifeShare was among the first in the nation to begin typing blood donors at the DNA level. This technique helps identify numerous rare and special traits donors throughout our service region. These rare blood type discoveries have lead LifeShare to become one of the largest contributors to the American Rare Donor Program (ARDP). ARDP facilitates national and international deliveries of rare blood units to patients who suffer complex compatibility issues. LifeShare’s rare and special donors, often minorities, are important to patients who receive multiple transfusions, like sickle cell disease patients or for patients who have developed antibodies as a result of multiple transfusions to treat chronic conditions.

Your contribution to this program helps support education and awareness programs to recruit and retain minority blood donors. Your gifts also support the laboratory activities and equipment required to identify and maintain a sufficient rare and special traits blood inventory.

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LifeShare Blood Centers collects blood donations at 250 high schools throughout the LifeShare service territory. Over 35% of the community’s blood supply is provided by these students. The Program recognizes student blood donors for their commitment to the volunteer blood donor program. Each qualifying school receives either a $500 or $750 scholarship that the school awards to a student who has donated blood a minimum of six times or has served at least two years on the school’s Blood Donor Program Committee, is in good standing with a minimum cumulative 2.7 GPA, and will enroll in a technical college, community college, or college/university no later than the fall semester after high school graduation.

LifeScholars benefits the entire community by encouraging blood donations and providing financial support for more than 100 students who are enrolled in college or technical school. In 2011 almost $60,000 was awarded through the LifeScholars program.

Your contribution to this program supports the community blood supply and the educational aspirations of students who understand and support the idea of community responsibility through blood donation. Your financial gifts directly underwrite the cost of scholarship dollars for students.

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You can support LifeShare just by shopping at a Kroger store in your area. Go to and link your Kroger Plus Card to LifeShare Blood Centers 83867. You only have to link once and LifeShare will earn a percentage of your eligible purchase dollars.

Don’t have a Kroger Plus Card, either visit the customer service desk at any Kroger store or sign up online. Go to, choose your state and enter your zip, select your favorite store, enter your email address, create a password, and agree to terms. Then go to my account-edit to link your card.

For more information, contact the Development Office, 318.673.1526.


LifeShare hosts a variety of annual events and promotions that are made possible by sponsors. Sponsorship levels vary depending on the scope of the event or promotion, and may include monetary and/or in-kind giving. Examples include: United We Give Blood Drives, 24-Hour Blood Drives, Community Blood Drives, LifeScholars High School Donation and Scholarship Program, Golf Tournaments, Donor Recognition events and more.

To partner with LifeShare by sponsoring an event or promotion, contact the Development Office, 318.673.1526.