Therapeutic Phlebotomy Service

You can have too much of a good thing!

Many patients undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TT) and those diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) or other blood conditions may need a procedure called therapeutic phlebotomy.  These conditions can result in the production of too many red blood cells, and then therapeutic phlebotomy may be prescribed as a treatment.  LifeShare has performed therapeutic phlebotomies for many years, helping numerous individuals.

LifeShare Blood Center provides therapeutic phlebotomy services by appointment Monday through Friday, at our fixed-site locations.  If you require this service, please consult your physician to submit a physician’s order form to donate.  Depending on the diagnosis, donors may also qualify to be a volunteer donor so the donation can help others even while providing much needed treatment.

We have updated and streamlined our therapeutic phlebotomy order process and form to make it more user friendly.  Effective January 2023, all therapeutic phlebotomy physician’s orders must be submitted electronically. LifeShare will no longer accept hard copy order forms by fax, scan, or delivered by the donor.  Therapeutic Phlebotomy Services may be subject to a $75.00 processing fee per donation.  If you have questions, please contact the Special Donations Department: (844) 370-9879 or

After submission, please allow 72 hours for medical review and approval before attempting to donate at your local LifeShare Blood Center location.  Upon the completion of order approval, the Special Donations Department will reach out to give further instructions.


Where are Therapeutic Phlebotomy Services available?

Therapeutic Phlebotomy Services are offered at LifeShare Blood Center’s fixed donation sites.

How often can Therapeutic Phlebotomy donors give blood?

Therapeutic Phlebotomy donors may donate as frequently as prescribed by the physician’s submitted order.

Is this blood safe for transfusion?

Donors undergoing TT or diagnosed with HH must pass all of the normal screening procedures required of every donor, and their blood is tested to ensure  it is medically safe, the same as any other donated blood product.  When blood is determined suitable for transfusion, it is made available for patient use.  If the blood is found unsuitable, it will not be used and, when appropriate, the donor will be notified.

Why is there a processing fee?

Donors diagnosed with specific blood conditions may require multiple donations as part of their treatment.  The $75.00 processing fee helps cover collection materials, equipment, and staff needed to provide the Therapeutic Phlebotomy Service. The national average cost of therapeutic phlebotomy is $305. 

What are accepted methods of payment for Therapeutic Phlebotomy Service processing fees?

Payment will be accepted onsite using a major credit card after screening and prior to phlebotomy. A receipt is provided. Cash or check are not accepted for this service.

Can I be reimbursed for Therapeutic Phlebotomy Service processing fees?

Many insurers cover therapeutic phlebotomies.  Please contact your insurance company for more information on their reimbursement procedures.


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