Scientific Services

LifeShare’s Scientific Services provide consultative services utilizing molecular techniques and other specialized tests to resolve the most difficult compatibility or serological problems. Complete this form to request Scientific Services.

Monocyte-Monolayer Assays (MMA)

This is an in vitro test to assess clinical significance of an IgG antibody. It is usually applied to antibodies against high frequency antigens or unidentified antibodies when crossmatch compatible blood is not readily available. The MMA can be used to predict clinical relevance and also as an adjunct in selecting units of blood for transfusion.

IgG Subclassing

Used in conjunction with the MMA to determine if the antibody is able to fix complement and thus could potentially cause a hemolytic transfusion reaction. If IgG2 is present, an Fc gamma Receptor genotype may be performed to determine if the patient has high or low binding of IgG2.


Extended DAT Studies

Utilizing specially prepared and validated reagents, the Scientific Services Laboratory can assess the presence of IgM and IgA in addition to the routine IgG and C3 components. These tests are useful when there is evidence of ongoing hemolysis but a routine DAT is negative.

Red Cell and Platelet Genotyping

The Clinical Immunogenetics Laboratory has been instrumental in field studies of several commercial microarray assays. Utilizing various molecular platforms, this Laboratory can genotype for the following:

DNA Repository

The laboratory has an extensive DNA library from both Black and Caucasian healthy blood donors which is available for IRB approved or IRB exempt research protocols related to blood groups. This repository is also available for proficiency testing programs, validation protocols, and the development of new genotyping methods.


Other Services

The Scientific Services staff are also available to formulate special reagents and to provide advanced molecular and/or serological training in-house.

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