Donate Blood in Texarkana, TX

In a busy world, finding ways to give back to your community can be hard. However, donating blood is a special thing you can do for the people around you. This life-giving act is easier than you might think and can make a huge difference in people’s lives. At LifeShare Blood Center, we help Texas donors become secret superheroes by giving a little of their time and their blood. Here’s what you need to know about the blood donation process.

Why Should You Donate Blood?

People across Texarkana need blood every day. Cancer patients, accident victims, heart patients, pregnant women, and babies are just a few examples of people who rely on blood and blood products.


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At LifeShare, the blood we collect is kept within Texarkana communities. In rare instances, when there have been catastrophic events elsewhere, we share our resources with other locations. However, the majority of the time, the blood you donate stays right here in Texas, helping your neighbors, family members, and friends.

To keep up with local needs, we need the participation of people within the Texarkana community. To meet the demand for blood, we have to collect 500 units every day.


Blood Donation in Texarkana, TX

We’ve been in operation since 1942. Over the decades, we have grown from a small operation created to support soldiers in WWII to a scientifically advanced blood collection, processing, and distribution organization. We have operated under a progression of names most recently becoming LifeShare Blood Center in 1996.

With a wide presence in Louisiana, East Texas, and South Arkansas, and regular mobile blood drives, we make it as easy as possible for you to donate blood. No medical technology has ever replaced human blood, so our donors can give something to Texas communities that even the most advanced medical science can’t replicate.

Donation Blood Types

There are multiple kinds of blood donation. Here’s a look at the main types.

 Whole Blood Donation

This is the traditional donation that most people picture. One pint of blood is collected, and the entire process takes less than 45 minutes to complete. Donors are allowed to repeat the donation after 56 days.

Apheresis Donation

This process allows a donor to give specific components of their blood. Blood is removed and a machine is used to select one component (red cells, platelets, or plasma) and the rest of the blood is then returned to the donor.

This process ensures that you’re able to provide exactly what blood component is most needed at the time. Apheresis donations take a little more time to complete, and as you wait, you’re able to relax and read, watch TV, or pass the time on your phone.

Therapeutic Donation

Some people have a medical condition that requires them to donate blood regularly to stay healthy. With a doctor’s referral, we can perform these collections.


Donate Blood Today at LifeShare Blood Center in Texarkana, TX

Please visit LifeShare Blood Center’s Texarkana location today. Our caring, professional staff will make your blood donation experience quick and comfortable. You can enjoy knowing you’ve done a great thing for your friends and neighbors. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our Texarkana donation center, please contact us or use the scheduling tool below!


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